#256 Macbook Air A1466, 820-00165, no power, no green light

  • ▶ FlexBV - pldaniels.com/flexbv
    ▶ For links to products used and other information - pldaniels.com/repairitems
    ▶ Contributions/Donations - paypal.me/pldaniels
    ▶ Boardviews and/or schematics? Check out Google; try search for something like '820-00165 boardview badcaps.net'
    ▶ I use suppliers such as Element14, Farnell, Digikey, Mouser, RS, AliExpress and eBay and a LOT of searching/checking. Undertake your own due diligence.
    ▶ YES - I can do custom programming variations of my software to suit your equipment but it will be expensive (certainly no less than $1k USD) because it takes longer than expected and there's always "just one more change".
    ▶ NO - I do not offer training or jobs
    ▶ NO - I really cannot answer service/diagnostics questions
    ▶ NO - I do not do paid reviews; you can send stuff but I cannot guarantee I'll use or like what you send.
    ▶ Hot air settings: 8mm straight nozzle, 450'C @ 110lpm for laptops, 420'C @ 50lpm for phones ( YOUR environment, method and equipment will be different, so your values will be different )
    ▶ Soldering iron temperature: 400'C on Hakko FX951 with JS02 tip using 0.015" 63/37 kester solder

    Category : PCs, All-in-One PCs


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