Should you Buy an iMac or MacBook Pro in 2019?

  • The argument for the ages. iMac or MacBook Pro?
    To be totally honest they are both fine computers, but after using the iMac for a few weeks I am leaning towards suggesting the MacBook Pro, for the reasons listed in the video. Although at the end of the day whether you purchase a 2018 MacBook Pro, 2009 Mac Mini, 2013 iMac, or 2006 Mac Pro, you still need to create the content you are going to make on it, you still need to edit the video, or type the code, lighten the picture, or pay the bills. A computer is just that at the end of the day a simple computer. I love them and think that humans have built the most beautiful machines on the planet, but at the end of the day it is still just a machine.
    Thank you for watching and reading my description, now go back up there and finish the video.
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