Tips For Buying Used MacBook 2018 Urdu Hindi

  • This video is about ''Complete Guide For Buying Used MacBook 2018 Urdu/Hindi''.
    In this video I guide about buying any type of MacBook like MacBook pro or MacBook air, after watching this video you can easily choose a MacBook with best condition possible is used MacBook. in this video I discussed some important things you need to check before buying a used MacBook like
    1. Check the serial no MacBook and match it with the serial no on the bottom of the mac and also with the serial no the box of the mac.
    2. Check iCloud and iTunes id, if there is one then first logout them.
    3.Check for the mac warranty if it still in warranty, by entering the serial no on
    4.Check the Hardware components of the MacBook by running Apple Hardware test.
    5. Check the battery condition of the MacBook by looking into the power settings.
    6. Check the MacBook camera by photo both and also by using face time.
    7. Check MacBook speakers and keyboard keys and also touch pad.
    8. Check the MacBook display and other ports like USB-C port and headphone jack etc.
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