Mapping tables or Mapping load, Resident load - QlikView Tutorial - Session 12

  • In this session you will learn about Mapping tables or Mapping load, Resident load
    Data Cleansing
    - It is the Process of converting inconsistent data into consistent format
    Mapping Load * Inline [
    Map Fieldname using mappingtablename;
    Map Country using CountryMap;
    Mapping Tables (or) mapping Load
    - Treated differently from other Tables
    - Stored in a separate of memory
    - Used during the script execution
    - Dropped automatically after the script execution
    - It contains only 2 fields
    1st Field Contains - Comparison Values
    2nd Field Contains - Desired Mapping Values
    - Give 'Mapping' Qualifier before LOAD or SELECT Statement
    - Load mapping tables before Loading normal Logical Tables
    Resident Load
    - If we want to use fields from already Load table or existing table, we need to perform Resident Load
    Load ProductID,UnitPrice Resident Products;
    Binary Load
    - Useful to Load one Qlikview Document data into another Qlikview Document
    - Binary C:/qvclass/evng8pm.qvw;
    Qlikview File Button
    Limitations of Binary Load
    - Binary Load statement must be the first statement in the script
    - We can use only one Binary Statement in the script
    - We can Load data from one Qlikview Document only
    - What is Binary Load?
    - Limitations of Binary Load?
    - What will be Loaded if we perform Binary Load?
    Ans: We can upto Data Model or Developer Part. We cannot any Layout Information
    - How can we Load Data from multiple Qlikview Documents?
    Ans: QVDs
    B.qvw - C.qvw
    A.qvw - B.qvw

    Category : Programming & Development


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