Making a Leather MacBook Case

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    Making a Leather MacBook Case
    Making a Leather Macbook Case is a fairly simple diy project, as a leather macbook case is essentially just a very large card wallet! We made this leather macbook case by hand using natural vegetable tanned leather, hand sewn with a saddle stitch and waxed polyester threads. The leather macbook case design can be adjusted in size to fit any laptop computer or tablet device, just measure out the size of your device and add some extra allowance on the sides and bottom for thickness.
    We used a snap closure for this macbook case that we made, and it is important to make sure that no raw metal is on the inside of the case so that the computer does not get scratched or harmed. By using a double strap closure like this, you can squeeze the snap closed between your fingers so that no pressure needs to be put on the macbook, laptop computer, tablet, or whatever you decide to make this leather case for!

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