2019 Honda CB1300SF/CB1300 SB SP officially | New Honda SuperBike 1284cc 4 cylinder 2019

  • Details Honda CB1300SF and CB1300SB version 2019.
    New Honda CB1300SF/CB1300 SB SP officially 2019 model
    The Honda CB1300 naked bikes have officially launched two new 2019 models starting at over 307 million dong.
    Naked bike Honda CB1300 2019 has just officially launched in the Japanese market. In this new model, the Honda motorcycle adds two versions of SF and SB with significant changes.
    In terms of design, the large-displacement Honda CB1300 2019 will continue to use the old 2018 platform and engine.
    Honda will only change slightly the color options and stickers of the car. Accordingly, the color of the car will be more diversified for customers have the opportunity to choose according to needs, interests.
    The white version was retained, with only the new stamp design, while the silver anniversary of the 2018 edition was removed.
    Honda has come up with a new black option, with a decorative trim like the CB1300SF / SB 25th Anniversary. There is a new highlight that both CB1300SF and CB1300SB SP are equipped with high-end front suspension of Ohlins and front brake Brembo M4 Monoblock.
    About the engine, the two models are in the form of 4-cylinder straight-line naturally loaded DOHC 16 valve 1.284cc with electronic fuel injection technology PGM-FI, cooled by liquid.
    Each piston is 78mm in diameter, 67.2mm inline and in combination with 5-speed manual gearboxes, up to 100hp and 118Nm of torque.
    This engine is housed in a traditional steel pipe frame.
    The CB1300SF and CB1300SB 2019 will have a base price of 1,483,920 and 1,591,920 yen respectively (about 307.8 and 315.1 million dong respectively).
    Honda 2019 new CB1300SF / new colors and CB1300SF / SB SP of SB officially announced
    Counting from the first generation 1000, CB1300 series of royal road naked, which celebrated its 25 years. In the history of up to a quarter of a century, the highest peak model that bears the name of the first "SP" was supposed to play a shock debut. This time, in addition to the past of details article, I would like to introduce a full picture of the 2019 model incorporates the formal announcement has been content to October 19, 2018.
    2018 July 8, including CB1300SF / SB SP that has been first published in the CB meeting of the 2019 model year CB1300 series has been officially announced. SP employing a dedicated front fork and the rear suspension, which was jointly developed with Orleans, Inc. back and forth, SF, be 367,200 yen up from the SB both STD was established. This would be setting to say the bargain considering that you are also equipped with radial-mounted monoblock calipers of Brembo. On the other hand, STD is, conventional Sword Silver Metallic is the fall catalog, newly appeared Darkness Black Metallic. Of red × white Pearl Sunbeam White became a continuation. The main changes are, in series all cars from the 2019 model year ETC2.0 becomes standard equipment, STD is SF, SB both the price is 36,720 yen up. In the STD, there is no change to the specifications in the 2018 model year and the 2019 model year. It should be noted that, in the STD and SP, but the vehicle height has been announced that it has 8mm up by the suspension before and after is changed, seat height is on the 5mm increments of specifications, the overall height, ground clearance is 10mm up ( comparison table is the last post).
    HONDA CB1300 SUPER BOLD'OR SP (CB1300 Super Bol d'SP) 2019 model year domestic specification Price: 1,959,120 yen Release Date: October 26, 2008 - color ring has been named Pearl Hawks ice blue. SP stands out the gold of the suspension by each of the units dedicated color and black-out.
    HONDA CB1300 SUPER FOUR SP (CB1300 Super Four SP) 2019 model year domestic specification Price: 1,851,120 yen Release Date: October 26, 2008 - SF also set of pearl Hawks ice blue only. SP equipment is a common SF, both SB.
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