MT. EDDY - Zombie (Official Music Video)

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    Official music video for 'Zombie' from MT.

    EDDY - out now! MT.

    EDDY here:nInstagram: by: Natalie SomekhnEdited by: Tom HohlenShe likes crying to The Strokes nOh she is a guitar romantic girlnI can teach you the guitarnOh she wants to cut her hair and dye it blacknnI’ve been sending lovenTo you my living girlnnYou want a boy that makes you mad,nShe need, sits beside you when you’re sadnI can take your punches too ohnCause I love you baby bluennI’ve been sending lovenTo you my living girlnnWe’re like some little kids that just don’t know what to donAnd it’s so fucking frustrating that I can’t talk to younBut I know it’s hard to notice but I am really deadnAnd you’re exploding heart is like a gun against my headnnI’ve been sending lovenTo you my living girl

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