Tableau Tutorial: Lecture 0 - Introduction To Tableau

  • Tableau Training for beginnersnAre you looking to learn visualization for your next job as a data analyst or data scientist? If so, I have got a new course for you. I have recorded a series of videos to learn visualization using Tableau. You will learn, how to connect to different data sources like excel, SQL server and other is very less time, without needing to know complex coding and quickly clean up the data and put together powerful visualization. We will look at various examples to take complex data and visualize a simple story using the power of graphs and charts. nnMy Website Link: nnLecture Notes: nnnWhat will we exactly cover in this series?n-Connecting to various data sources, and cleaning up datan-Joining multiple datasets (Union, Blending, cross database Joins and many more)n-Visualizing the data as Charts, Graphs, Maps, Plots etc.n-Tricks and tips to tell a simple and effective story using data. n-The concept of Tableau Database or Fast engine (Extracts)n-Visual Analytics, Drilldowns, Sorting, Grouping, Set and Cluster creations, Filtering of data, Parameters, Tooltips, Annotations, Reference linesn-Packaging your report into a Dashboard.n-Playing with Geographical data types and using Maps in Tableaun-Writing very complex and powerful calculations like aggregate calculations, Date, Logical, String, Number and other types of calculations.n-And many more.nnWhat are the basic requirements or pre-requisities.nNo pre-requisities. I have provided all the materials. You just need a MAC or a Windows computer.nnWhat will you gain from this course?nI am a coder and a manager and run a Data science team. Quite often through Linkedin and other channel I get questions on tips to start a career in Databases and Analytics. nSo I put together this course. I have taken into consideration a lot of stuff, that you will often need if you decide to start a career as a Reporting Analyst or Data Analyst. nBy the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of Tableau, how to use it, how to gather data from different data streams and clean them, how to use the various tools provided by tableau in-order to create a report or visualization and many more. In short, you will be apply to directly apply these concepts in your new job or day to day work. You will be able to take a very complex data and transform that into a beautiful story for analysis and present it to leadership.nnIf you want to learn the complete BI stack, you can refer my article here ( nIf you want to learn about what is expected of Reporting/Data Analyst vs other jobs in the Database are, check this out ( nnWho is the target audience?nYou should take this course if want to learn visualization and Tableau from scratchnYou should take this course if you want to refresh your existing Tableau SkillsnYou should take this course if you are looking to change your career into more of a reporting analyst or data analyst type roles.nnWhat support will you get?nThis course is free of cost!nYou can ask me questions via my website, forums or Udemy.

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